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The Brain behind Axie Infinity - Interview with Trung Nguyen

Last year there was an expansive growth of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency based games. That expansion did not only attract the typical crypto investors, but also brought a whole bunch of new players into the world of blockchain. 

One of the games that started its presale in March this year is Axie Infinity. If you are a fervent crypto collector or gamer and you haven’t heard about Axie Infinity yet, you’re missing out on something!

In a nutshell, Axie Infinity is a game about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie, on the Ethereum platform. Axies live in their own artificial environment called Terrarium. Inside the Terrarium, you can feed your Axies, clean them, or make them go to bed. Axies need to be in their best shape to engage in battles. To get your own team, you can buy Axies from other players at the Marketplace, or buy an egg from the eggshop.

But who is the brain behind these adorable little creatures? And how did he come up with it? Axie News asked the 27 year old co-founder and lead engineer from Vietnam: Trung Nguyen  
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“The idea for Axie Infinity came to me when I was playing CryptoKitties. I wanted to be able to play with and improve my digital collectibles in ways that I couldn’t on their platform. I thought a game that combined the true ownership and advanced genetic system of CryptoKitties with the fun gameplay aspect of Pokemon, Tamogochi, and Neopets would be a lot of fun”.

So, now we know how the idea for Axie Infinity was born. But how did you came up with the name? Why is it called ‘Infinity’?
“The game is called Axie Infinity because due to the complexity of the genetic system there are almost infinite types of Axies possible. We really love that our players can give life and create through our platform”.

So the possibilities of breeding are endless. With so many cool creatures it seems hard to have a favorite Axie. Do you have one? 
“My favorite Axie is Kotaro. That’s Axie #3. Like Kotaro, I enjoy making my moves in silence.” kotaro.jpg

Silence ha…? But launching and developing a game doesn’t sound silent to me. How many hours a day do you work on Axie Infinity? 
“We work on Axie Infinity all of our waking hours. Even when we’re not at our desks, we’re thinking about the game. We put a lot of emphasis on moving quickly and I think our progress relative to other projects has shown that. That should be even more apparent after the release of closed beta“.

Do you have a favorite drink or food you like to eat while working all these hours?
“My favorite food and drink is Chicken cutlet and Coca Cola - that’s what I ate while getting the alpha site ready”.

You have founded companies since you where 19. What was the first game you ever played?
“The first game I ever played was Dyna Blaster. It’s like Bomberman. The first console game should be Mario on SNES.”

Do you have a little ‘leek’ you can share?
“I think the community will be surprised by the amount of work we’ve already done on terrariums. A lot of the focus is on battling right now but I might be even more excited about terrariums than battling”.

How would you describe the Axie Community?
“The Axie Infinity community is a family. It’s been amazing to see everyone come from all corners of the world and bond together in our Discord”.

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