Warning: Axie Infinity is highly addictive!

How to Start

A quick guide with all the basics for you to start playing Axie Inifinity.

1. Install Metamask
To start playing Axie Infinity you need a (ETH) wallet. MetaMask is available as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. You can download it here.

1.1.    Send Ether to your wallet
After installing Metamask you need to send Ethereum (ETH) to your wallet. As Axie Infinity runs on the Ethereum platform, Ether (ETH) is needed to perform various activities: buying Axies, paying transaction fee, etc.
ETH can be purchased directly via MetaMask or any other exchange. If this is your first time buying ETH, Coinbase is highly recommended.
If you already have ETH on a personal wallet, you can transfer ETH as needed to your MetaMask wallet address. You can also import your wallet credentials into MetaMask to use.

2.     Start building your team
Now that you have Ether in your wallet you can start looking for Axies that you like at the marketplace or at the Eggshop. Before you start buying Axies, it is good to determine your strategy and learn about classes, parts, tags genes and breeding. 

2.1.    Classes
Up until now, 6 classes have been found. Beast, Aqua, Plant, Bird, Reptile and Bug. Each class has it’s own charm and advantage. Buying an Axie from the Eggshop gives you a % chance to obtain a class, and bodyparts: stats

2.2.    Origins and Mystics
In the presale phase players were able to buy adult Axies with the ‘Origin’ tag. These Origin Axies had a high chance of containing ‘Mystic’ parts. After the presale closed, Mystic parts retired. The only way to get an Axie with an Origin tag or mystic part(s) is to buy them from other players at the marketplace. Mystic parts can be evolved to ‘legendary’. Normal parts could evolve to ‘Ultra rare’. The current price for an Axie with a Mystic part is from 0,6 -2.0 ETH.

2.3.    Eggshop

Another way to start building your team is to buy Axies from the Eggshop. An Axie from the Axie will have the ‘MEO corp’ tag. The MEO corp tag is the successor of ‘Origin’. After buying an egg, the egg needs one day to grow into larva. The larva needs two days to grow into a petite Axie. The petite Axie can be morphed to adult in two days. The current price for an Eggshop egg is about 0,05-0,1 ETH.

3.     Breeding
Once your Axie is all grown up, you will have the oppurtunity to breed it with another Axie. This can be your own Axie, or if you don’t have a second one, you can visit the Axie mating club, to sire it with someone else’s Axie.

3.1.    Breeding Strategy and XP
Every virgin Axie starts with 400 Experience Points (XP). XP are needed for breeding or to evolve Axie bodyparts. The first time you breed your Axie it’ll cost 300 XP. You could choose to breed your Axie with another one and see what’ll happen. But after breeding, you need to earn XP to breed with your Axie again. So think before you breed! You could use the Axiecalculator to see what possible outcome your paring will have.

3.2.    Recessive genes
There is more to Axies than the eye can see. If you click on an Axie you can see the dominant (D) genes/bodyparts. D determines what the Axie will look like. Axies also have Recessive genes. These genes will tell you what bodyparts and patterns could be the possible outcome of breeding. The first recessive (R1) has a chance of about 12% to become dominant (D) after breeding. The second recessive (R2) has a chance of about 3%. You can use the amazing genereader from Freak to see what R your Axies have.

4.     Battles and stats
To be able to battle you’ll need 3 Axies for your team.
Each class and bodypart has its own (dis)advantage. These advantages can be found in battle moves or stats. Click here to learn more about stats and moves. *Since Battles have not been released yet, we will have to learn more about Battles later.

5.     Join or Discord community!
Last but not least: Joint the Axie Infinity Discord server!
You can talk to the developer of Axie Infinity: Trung and his amazing team; you can meet other Axie players & ask for help and advise. You can participate in contest and learn more about the game.