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AxieNews is the number one source for all things Axie Infinity. We are a versatile resource with news, updates, and lessons that make the Axie Infinity experience better for everyone.

Our news articles keep readers informed while simultaneously keeping them entertained— infotainment. Our strategy articles teach and help Axie Infinity players grow. And if in-depth blockchain-centric articles are more your style, we provide content on those too!

By providing content that currently cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. For real. You can check it for yourself. No other platform provides Axie Infinity content as robust as we do.

The AxieNews Ambition

AxieNews aims to be the #1 source of all things Axie Infinity. Looking for the latest news in the Axieverse? We’re here for you. In search of live coverage of the biggest events in Axie, we’ve got you covered.

While AxieNews loves to report, we also love to guide. We aim to build the largest repository of guides and manuals to help both old and new Axie Infinity players achieve success.

But that’s not all…

Our community is also here to help. Members can provide help to one another and together we can all help ourselves grow!

You can read more about the AxieNews ambition and our journey so far, right from our editor’s mouth.