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Chuck Fresco ft. KGlitter video release! 🔥

As I mentioned in previous posts, the Axie Infinity community is very active in creating new things.
They already made some very usefull tools like a gene reader, an Axie breeding calc, and an Axie sales page, to see what Axies have been sold. These are only just a few tools that players have been creating.

But this community does not only make awesome tools. They are also very good in making video’s about (and for) the game.
One player that has been making video’s from the start is the amazing Chuck Fresco. He already made some very cool videos where he explains Axie breeding, battles and stats.

Today, I am very excited to announce he and I have been working on a video together! 🔥🎉🔥
Check out the result: Axie Infinity - “Axies Are A Girl’s Best Friend” ft. KGlitter”

~Diamonds will lose it’s shine, but Axie’s are forever ~ ❤

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