Warning: Axie Infinity is highly addictive!


And the winner is…. 👏💝🏆

And the winner is….

Last week I launched Axienews.com. To celebrate, I hosted a raffle. The price: One of my own Axie Origins with a value of approximately ~ 0.25 ETH.
I joined the Axie Infinity Discord server in March this year. I heard about this new game and I wanted to see what is was like and what kind of players it attracted. Soon I found myself buying Origin Axies in presale. It felt a little like Christmas. You don’t know what you get until you unbox your Axie. That excitement was shared among players on Discord. 

They all wanted to give each other something. Help each other out and share their latest purchase.
During presale, more and more new players joined the server. Players started to creating Axie art, videos, cool content and helpful tools. The vibe among players was truly amazing.
That is why I wanted to create Axie News. A place for players, by players. A place where you can find info about and links to the game. A place that shows the awesome video’s and tools players have been making since the launch of Axie Infinity. And, as a bonus, regular blogs and news about the game and the community.

Back to the raffle. In the first week Axienews had over 800 visitors. The tweet about the launch of Axienews was retweeted 36 times and had 19 likes. There were 189 entries.

Axienews tweet.png

So, now it’s time to announce the winner of the Origin Axie #903.
Who won themselves a ticket to Beta testing?

Axie Origin #903 goes to:
Axie giveway.jpg

Congratulations!!  👏💝🏆

Send me an email with your wallet address and #903 will come to you soon! 


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