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Chuck Fresco ft. KGlitter video release! 🔥

As I mentioned in previous posts, the Axie Infinity community is very active in creating new things.
They already made some very usefull tools like a gene reader, an Axie breeding calc, and an Axie sales page, to see what Axies have been sold. These are only just a few tools that players have been creating.

But this community does not only make awesome tools. They are also very good in making video’s about (and for) the game. [Meer weten…]

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Axie News is online! Let’s celebrate with Axie Origin giveaway! 🎉🎈

Hooray! On 18/07/2018 Axie News was launched!🎉🎈

Axie News contains the latest Axie news, basics on how to play Axie Infinity, Links, Tools and video’s that were created by real Axie Players. 

Let’s celebrate this website launch with an Axie Origin Giveaway! ❤🌈🎈 
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And who read the previous post knows that owning an Origin is your ticket to…. ;)
Enter the raffle/giveaway on the homepage!

Cheers! ❤🌈🎈

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Battles are coming!

Battles are coming!

Yesterday the members of the Axie Infinity team and the player council started with the Alpha test of the Battle system. The reason why the Alpha testing is limited to the Player Council members is to reward them for their hard work. 

The Player council members are active Axie Infinity players who have been providing a helping hand on the Axie Discord channel for the last months. So thank you guys for all your help to new players and for all your hard work! ❤ 

Once the Alpha is concluded they begin with their closed Beta test.
ETA for the closed Beta is 5-7 days after the start of Alpha. 
And, do you like to know a little secret?… You, yes YOU! Can be part of the closed Beta testing too. [Meer weten…]

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