Warning: Axie Infinity is highly addictive!


Axie News is online! Let’s celebrate with Axie Origin giveaway! 🎉🎈

Hooray! On 18/07/2018 Axie News was launched!🎉🎈

Axie News contains the latest Axie news, basics on how to play Axie Infinity, Links, Tools and video’s that were created by real Axie Players. 

Let’s celebrate this website launch with an Axie Origin Giveaway! ❤🌈🎈 
Axie giveway.jpg

And who read the previous post knows that owning an Origin is your ticket to…. ;)
Enter the raffle/giveaway on the homepage!

Cheers! ❤🌈🎈

Admin - 16:45:59 @ Axie News | 13 comments

  1. Psyon


    Go Axies Infinity! Can’t wait for the battles to unfold <3

  2. Vaia


    Wuuh! Awesome to see the community creating more and more ways to learn about Axie - Excited to be a part of this.

  3. Uselezzz


    The axienews can be a daily newspaper that is full of axie stories =)

  4. Bubba


    Love the pages design and concept, excited for all the upcoming features!

  5. Crelde


    Cool initiative, will be following this site! :D

  6. Aditya Nalini


    Amazing site! Even the video was awesome :P Excited for beta >_<

  7. edd


    Lots of potential with this site. Let me know if I can help in any way!

  8. Mike


    This is an awesome creation! Keep it up KG!

  9. ChuckFresco


    Definitely excited to see where this site goes. There is so much coming to axie infinity!

  10. dappsmarket


    Congratulations on the Axie news explanation! Prepare for the release seems to be progressing! lets make Axie great as one!

  11. Artic


    Nice place to see axie news easily. Lets all make it great! :)

  12. Kglitter


    Thanks guys! Glad you like the website ❤ If you have ideas for items/blogs or new content please send me a dm or email 🔥

  13. Jodiferous


    Love the site! Great job! And that origin Axie is so cute, I can’t believe you’re giving him away! :)

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