Warning: Axie Infinity is highly addictive!



After Axie Infinity finished its closed Beta, it opened its Beta testing for all players. 
In previous post I mentioned the powerful Axie community. One of the main things that defines the Axie Community is the fact that the founder(s) and the Axie team are always available on Discord chat. The team is working around the clock to make Axie Infinity a great success. They are open to suggestions and ready to answer any questions players might have.

That kind of dedication attracts dedicated players. Players that are sincerely interested in the game and growing the community. It is not for nothing that, after Axie Infinity finished its closed Beta, the Axie team decided to open its Beta testing for all players. On the 18th of august beta.axieinfinity.com opened its doors to the public. All players were able to claim Axie tokens, get Axies and start battling.
The team dedication, the information and the amazing Discord Axie family, have led to an expansion of players, accounts and sales. Only in the last week about 139 Axies were sold with a total amount of  ~ 68.307 ETH!
Tomorrow, on August 23rd 12:00 CEST, the 1th part of open Beta ends, and phase 2 is on! That means EVERYTHING on the beta site will be reset. Once the site has been reset all Axies from mainnet will be synced to testnet and all players can claim new Axie tokens. The open beta will last until August 30th 12:00 CEST and the top 16 players on the leaderboard will be awarded 5 MEO tokens each (on mainnet) and be invited to the first ever Axie Infinity Tournament. The Tournament will begin at September 1st 12:00 CEST and it will be on testnet.

The rewards for the tournament will be:
1st place: Trophy Terrarium Item and .5 ETH
2nd place: .3 ETH
3rd place: .2 ETH

Do I need to say more? Axie Infinity is on FIRE! Don’t miss your chance to play the first EVER Axie Infinity tournament!
Visit the Axie Infinity Discord for more information and join the Axie family!

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