Psycheout Excites Audience at NFT London Axie Meetup

NFT London

November 25, 2021 was a day to remember for the people of Shoreditch in London. Axie Infinity co-founder, Psycheout, was in town, and would be present at Bounce Old Street for an Axie Infinity meetup. There was going to be food, Axie-themed cocktails, and of course, good old Axie Infinity swag. Axie News was present at the event, represented by our editor—me. It was a great experience from start to finish.

The event got off to a pretty slow start. It was scheduled to begin at 6 PM GMT, but didn’t really kick off until 7 PM. During the one hour wait, attendees chatted happily and the murmur of light conversations punctuated the otherwise serene ambience of the hall. It wasn’t until 7:30 that the representative from NFT London came out to give a short speech and invite Psycheout to the stage. Psycheout came out to address the audience with a welcome speech. His Norwegian accent was clearly discernable and he sounded friendly yet confident as he took the microphone to address the audience.

Psycheout addressing the audience

Paycheout’s speech was warm, welcoming, and a little wistful. He reminisced on Axie Infinity’s earlier days, and how the project started. He took the audience back a few years by talking about the first Axie Infinity meetup which was held in Norway. There were only three people in attendance at that particular event—him and two close friends. He expressed his shock at the growth of Axie Infinity in such a short time.

As he wrapped up his speech, Psycheout announced that he was in full support of even more Axie Infinity meetups. He encouraged people to get in touch with him, and promised to support any group that was looking to host an Axie event with merchandise.

NFT London In A Nutshell

The Axie event was a huge success. The ambience was beautiful. The location for the event was perfect. It was spacious, well lit, and lively. The food and drinks were amazing. Psycheout was very friendly and had an amazing personality. The NFT London representative was very lovely as well.

There were a lot of guest in attendance who ranged from investors, to gamers and fans of Axie. The event started off with the distribution of Axie merchandise. Next up was the food and drinks that began to roll out at 6 PM. There were two Axie banners set up in a corner for taking pictures where Psycheout was standing and taking pictures with attendees. I was able to steal a selfie with him before the event got in full gear.

Selfie with Psycheout

The rest of the evening was spent networking, eating, drinking, and playing games.

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