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Week 46 Review

We’re bringing you another dose of the wrap-up of all the stories we published this week! In case you missed any of the stories or would like a quick catch up, we’ve got you covered. This week came with some exclamation worthy news from Axie Infinity, so you might want to stick around for this one. 

Let’s get right into it.

“Axie Infinity Is Changing the Future of Work”, Says Jihoz

I think crypto is about empowering people to take back ownership of their data, of their digital items and identities. – Jeff Zirlin, 2021.

We wrote about the interview Jeff Zirlin, known to Lunacians as Jihoz, had with Bloomberg technology. In the interview, he talked to Emily Chang. Chang is the host of the show about the future of Axie Infinity, its impact, the Axie Infinity community, what the Metaverse means, and lots more. Bloomberg Technology is known for delivering business and market news, data analysis, global technology and other related topics.

The daily show features interviews with top executives, investors, and entrepreneurs. Jihoz talks about the barriers of entry into Axie Infinity that makes it difficult for new players to easily play the game. He says that Sky Mavis is working hard to make sure it becomes super easy to start playing these [NFT] games.

Click here read what he thinks about the Metaverse and watch the full interview. 

Arena Mode SLP rewards by bracket 

We wrote about Axie Infinity’s ecosystem and in-game reward system. This article talks about Axie Infinity’s Arena Mode, SLPs, Match Making Ranking (MMR) and a lot more. Arena Mode is where you will battle other Axie players and strive to win in order to increase your Match Making Ranking. What’s more? You get to earn more SLP. too

In Arena Mode, energy is required to earn SLPs as you win. The article lists the SLP reward system based on the MMR Bracket and explains in detail how this system works. It also answers frequently asked questions by Axie Infinity players on how the MMR works.

Click here to read the full article. 

Axie Infinty Bans 24,000 Axies for Terms of Use Infrigement

In somewhat jaw-dropping news, Axie Infinity banned ~24,000 Axies across ~10,000 Ronin accounts earlier in the week for infringement of Terms of Use. The news was announced on the official Axie Infinity Discord account and tweeted by the official Axie Infinity Twitter account.The Ronin accounts were reportedly banned because they made attempts to alter the devices they were playing on, which could give them unfair advantages over other players. Axie Infinity also reiterated that they, ‘will continue to work hard to protect the efforts of the millions of Lunacians who honestly contribute to our community.’  

Click here to read the full article. 

How to Farm RON on the Katana DEX 

Katana is the gift that keeps on giving. With the launch of Katana DEX just weeks ago, members of the general public can now farm or earn $RON on the Katana DEX. $RON is the utility token of the Ronin sidechain. According to Axie Infinity themselves, “Ronin represents our desire to take the destiny of our product into our own hands.”

Although RON is still in its prelaunch phase and has  no current market value, people can now acquire RON by providing liquidity for Katana DEX. This is done by staking coin pairs which are the AXS/wETH pool and the SLP/wETH pool. 

Read the full details of how to be a liquidity provider for Katana DEX and farm RON coins here. 

Wrap Up

And that’s it for the wrap! This week, we gained a lot more insight about Axie Infinity and its future from the interview Jihoz had with Bloomberg. We wrote about Arena Mode and what to look out for to earn more SLPs. We also discussed how Axie Infinity banned Axies for going against the laws of Lunacia. Lastly, we shared how you can farm RON even though its currently in its prelaunch phase. 

Until next time and as always, you can count on us to deliver any and every news about Axie Infinity.

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