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If you’re a gamer, collector, or just a fan of Axie, we have good news for you—so are we! We know that for fellow Axie junkies, finding a melting pot of all things Axie can be a daunting task. For a project that promises an Inifinity, there are very limited places to go to for an all-you-can-eat Axie experience.

But fret no more, for all that is about to change…

The Journey So Far

When Axie Infinity came on the scene in 2018, some may have seen it as just another shot in the dark. As another ambitious NFT-based project headed towards inevitable doom. Three and a half years later, Axie Infinity is the most expensive NFT collection and the play-to-earn market leader with a daily trading volume of over $640 million.

This success story inspired us to bring the world a platform where they can learn all there is to know about the Axie adventure so far. Starting today, AxieNews will be the go-to place for all Axie enthusiasts for all things Axie. From news articles, to guides, and even live reporting about Axie events happening around the globe.

The idea for AxieNews was conceived by a mind that held a belief in Infinite possibilities, and was executed with a view of bringing those possibilities to life. AxieNews will be dedicated to informing the veteran and neophyte Axie fan alike about what’s happening in the Infinity universe, while giving room for engagement among members of the ecosystem.

The Road Ahead

So what do we have in store for our readers?

News and information! Tons of it! We dream of becoming the Wikipedia of Axie. We want to tell stories like Picasso drew paintings, and curate reports like Beethoven composed music. The road ahead is one that stretches out infinitely. We seek to be a robust resource that brings you the latest news, inside scoop, rumors, and the best strategies to excel as an Axie Infinity player.

Our vision at AxieNews is to create the ultimate pit stop for all travelers across the Axie universe looking for a place to spend time to learn, grow, and interact will other Axie lovers. And our mission is ensuring no one is kept out of the loop of the goings-on in the Infinity universe.

But we’re not just a one-trick pony. AxieNews is not only a news and information outlet—it’s an ecosystem. A community. A way of life. And we are delighted to bring to you the Axie experience.

That being said: Welcome to AxieNews!

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