How To Cash Out Your SLP From Axie Infinity

slp cash out

First payout as a scholar? Congratulations! But wait, you can’t have it directly as cash in your local currency. You still have to go through a dreadful process in cashing out your crypto even after going through the trouble of earning your SLP. And here’s how this post can help you. Read until the end to find out how you can finally have that Smooth Love Potion as cash.

Let’s Talk Money: Changing SLP to Cash

When getting your first payout or when you’ve reached your goal SLP and you plan to cash it out, there’s a lot of ways you can go through this.

You could send your SLP from Ronin wallet to Binance and then use Binance to sell your SLP to USDT then to your currency. With the latest Binance and Ronin update, you can now deposit your SLP to Binance without paying gas fees!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Binance Wallet ➡️ Fiat and Spot ➡️

2. In Binance: Search SLP ➡️ click Deposit Crypto ➡️Select ‘RON’ in Network ➡️ Copy Binance Ronin Address in Ronin Wallet ➡️

Note: change the “0x. ” at the beginning to “ronin:”

3. In the Ronin extension: click “Send” then input Your Binance Ronin Address

4. Select Asset as SLP and input Desired Amount then click “Next”

5. In Binance, go back to Fiat and Spot and click Transfer, then move your funds From Fiat and Spot to Funding.

6. Choose SLP as Currency and type in your preferred amount or click Max

7. After confirmation, go to your Funding wallet and search for SLP, then click Sell

8. Select USDT or your chosen currency and input the desired amount or Max if you want to transfer all your assets (USDT) to P2P.

9. Finally, sell your Asset in P2P then receive the money to your desired payment method (Bank, e-wallet, etc.)

A Little Warning

Do not click the Confirm Release if you haven’t verified the transfer to your bank account, e-wallet, or any payment method you prefer. Double or triple check your bank account/wallet if the amount is credited.

ALWAYS remember that there are many scammers on the Internet! Be careful in transacting with your hard-earned money. Binance has a Security Verification at your disposal. Wait to get a verification code sent to your phone number and then finish a transaction.

After all these steps, you can now enjoy the fruit of your labor!

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