How to Download & Install Axie Infinity on Windows

Axie Infinity Windows PC

Axie Infinity on Windows and other operating systems has grown immensely popular over the past couple of years. More and more players have found their way into the Axie metaverse either through personal funding or via scholarship programs.

But not everyone plays Axie Infinity or even know how to get started. If you fall in this category, we have you covered. We have provided a complete, step-by-step, beginner guide to help you download and install Axie Infinity on your Windows PC. Every step is guided with screenshots for clarity. If you would also like to install Axie Infinity on Android, we have you covered on that front as well.

Step-by-step Guide On How To Download And Install Axie Infinity On Windows PC

1. Open Google Chrome or any browser of your choice.

Axie Infinity on Windows Step 1

2. Go to (be careful not to mistype the URL as you might accidentally enter a fake Axie Infinity website)

Axie Infinity on Windows Step 2

3. Once the website as loaded, click on PLAY NOW.

Axie Infinity on Windows Step 3

4. After clicking PLAY NOW, your download should automatically start. If your download does not start automatically, you may click try again to manually download Axie Infinity on Windows.

Axie Infinity on Windows Step 4

5. Wait for the file to finish downloading.

6. After downloading, click on the file named mavis-hub and extract the mavis-hub-setup file to your computer.

7. Then, run the mavis-hub-setup file as administrator and wait for it to finish installing.

8. Another “Mavis Hub” icon will show. Run the Mavis Hub application.

9. You now have Axie Infinity on Windows. Register or Log in your account with your email and password.

10. Finally, click “Play” to launch the Axie Infinity application.

You can now begin to enjoy the wonders of Axie Infinity on your personal computer. Remember to play according to the rules, and avoid multi-accounting, as this will get you banned. Enjoy responsibly! 

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